The Human Rights Screened Foundation is a Non Profit Corporation  that uses the persuasive power of the audio-visual medium to highlight and redress human Rights issues in marginalised and vulnerable communities with a special focus on Youth.


Its key objectives are implementing Human Rights Film Festivals, Career Expos, Film & TV Skills Training and Entrepreneurship Training  with specialised after care programmes that will  uplift and empower youth from these communities.


The mission of the Foundation is Nation Building and Community upliftment.



South Africa’s Democracy has reached a quarter of a century, an achievement gained by sacrifices and the loss of many lives, a reason to celebrate!

Unfortunately, as we look around and see the falling rand, high levels of unemployment, an ever increasing crime rate, violence and abject poverty that leaves South Africans living in vulnerable and marginalised communities very little reason to celebrate.

The Human Rights Screened Foundation, a Non Profit Corporation, that is  made up of a team of members from the field of Film & Television as well as members with a shared vision  aim to inspire, educate, uplift and empower these communities that are left on the outer edges of society due to lack of opportunities, inequality, gangsterism, unemployment, resources, rights and poverty.


The Human Rights Screened Foundation vision is to use the persuasive power and platforms of the audio-visual medium to address the many inequalities and human rights violations that people from these communities face on a daily basis with no end in sight.


§        HRSF aims to address marginalized and vulnerable communities through themed films and discussions, present a collection of values by highlighting the negative effects of the social ills that prevail.

The film festivals that are not only about films, are aimed at inspiring communities, irrespective of Race, Age, Religion, Disability & Gender, that personal and civic engagement can bring about measurable economic development as well as true and positive change.

§        To provide a second chance to individuals by implementing a Film & TV Skills training programme with admission requirements that veer  from the standard and mainline entry requirements.

§        These requirements further challenge marginalized and vulnerable communities.  Individuals will instead be trained and measured on creative capabilities with a special focus on future technologies that will embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution.


§        HRSF will develop meaningful and sustainable work opportunities in the Film & TV industry by implementing intense After-Care programmes that will include job placements, Internships and connecting participants to Institutions for Funding and further development


§        Additional activities outside that of the audio-visual medium will include the implementation of Jobs and Career Expos within the Communities.

Current Expos, as a norm take place in Shopping Malls or venues that disadvantaged communities are not mobilized to attend and are not economically viable.

The Expos will include a wide variety of career options such as Aviation, Shipping, How To Au Pair, Culinary Arts & Event Management and most importantly a look at careers that will embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution. Research indicates that the disadvantaged communities will be the hardest hit unless drastic measures are put in place as soon as possible.

Proposed Exhibitors will be a part of an “ADOPT A STUDENT” programme that will offer Learnerships, Internships, drastically reduced fees and where possible tuition at no cost to the student.


§        Specialised Integration and Re-Integration programmes that will enable the minority groups to move closer to the mainstream societies will be implemented.