Breakthru Community Centre

Anti-Crime Film Festival


The once peaceful area of Wellington is fast becoming a crime hotspot. Primary criminal elements include Gangsterism, Alcohol & Substance Abuse and Violent Crimes that are rising at unstoppable levels. The Wellington Community is also plagued by high unemployment numbers with poverty and unemployment being major contributing factors to the high crime rate.



We recently witnessed Communities around the province that has reached total despair and had taken to the streets in violent protest. The outcomes of these actions having negative implications such as fatalities, people with good intentions being imprisoned, damaging of police vehicles and property.


The Breakthru Community Centre, is taking action that can only have positive and uplifting outcomes by the implementation of an Anti-Crime Film Festival.


One of the ultimate aims is to prevent criminal behaviour


The Breakthru Community Centre Anti-Crime Film Festival  concept is aimed at Crime Prevention and a means of improving the Socio-Economic situation of the residents of Wellington Community.


Content: will  include themed  Films, Workshops, Dialogues,  Discussions Entertainment, & Q & A Sessions

Commemorated each day with relative screenings, motivational talks and Q&A sessions

16 Days of Activism of Non Violence Against Women & Children

25/11/18 to 10/12/18

World Aids Day

Saturday 1/12/18

International Day For The Disabled (Differently Abled)

Monday 3/12/18

PRESIDENT NELSON MANDELA 100 Year Anniversary 5th Year Commemoration of Passing On

Wednesday 5/12/2018

International Human Rights Day

Monday 10/12/18

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