Basics  of Film & TV  Skills Training.

DCS Overberg Management Area

Medium Offenders

 PROJECT TITLEElenyeIthuba (2nd Chance)

The Human Rights Screened Foundation (HRSF) is a Non-Profit Organisation that aims to Protect and Promote Human Rights  through the Audio-Visual Medium.

The Primary Focus is Film & TV Training in the Marginalised and Vulnerable Communities followed by  intense AFTER CARE programmes.

The Admission requirements will veer away from mainstream criteria in order to ensure all candidates with the necessary creative skills get the opportunity to follow a career in Film & TV from age 16 to 99 yrs.

Mainstream criteria often create further challenges to the vulnerable and marginalised, thereby, decreasing employment opportunites.

Appropriate Notional Hours Certification will be  provided to ensure employment and Business Ventures. Where mainstream criteria are met the proposed candidate will be awarded the SAQA related Certificate.

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