June 16th Film Festival

Remembering Dr Edelstein “
Produced By Mr Kevin Harris

Remembering Dr Melville Edelstein
Movie Synopsis   (Duration 1h22)

16 June ’76 – Remember Dr Melville Edelstein” is the little-

known story of Dr Melville Edelstein – a philanthropist who

chose to work within the confines of the Apartheid system to

serve the poor & oppressed. In so doing he brought hope &

light into the lives of many of Soweto’s destitute &

marginalized community.

Caught in the back-lash to the most oppressive phase of the Apartheid

era – Melville Edelstein was the victim of the consequences of the

apartheid system – a racist system which socialized South Africans to

impulsively judge and respond to one another not as individuals with

individual qualities, but according to a stereotypical image based solely

 on skin colour.

June 16 1976, this is the year of our late heroes and heroines of 1976.
Our late heroes- our late heroines of 16 June1976,
Who fought for freedom we have today.
Freedom that youth of today have.
And the right to use mother language as the first language.
I will always respect and commemorate every 16 June.
The important day for every youth to commemorate.
Celebrate the day in the memory of our freedom fighters.
The freedom fighters of 16 June 1976.
June 16 we will always commemorate the day.
June 16 1976 I will always recall the day.


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